Thursday, October 29, 2009

Have you decide to use a search engine marketing agency to Promote Your Website?

Have you decide to use a search engine marketing agency to Promote Your Website?

With so many Search Engine Consultants, Companies & Freelancers it’s going to be difficult to find and choose a firm that you are comfortable with.

Here are a few areas on which you should concentrate before selecting a SEO Agency.

Choose an Agency who knows your Business needs very Well: – as an E-Retailer your needs are entire different from other business. Retail is among the toughest of small business categories Online The Agency should have as extensive knowledge of your product and a better understanding of your Target Audience plus a crystal clear plan to get them in a Limited Budget.

Ask for a Customized Promotional Plan:- Look at their Promotional Plan Carefully & ask them to customized it to your needs as you require creative and cost effective marketing and advertising strategies to capitalize on your local and global markets.

Look at their Existing Clients: – Have a look at their existing Clients and try to gaze their focus. It is crucial for small business to have a domain specific vendor.

SEO Capabilities: – As a small business owner, you probably have a tiny marketing budget hence no chance for a retake. Therefore look at their SEO capabilities carefully. You can also ask for case studies to have a better understanding of their Strategically & Executional capabilities.

Ask for a Separate Local SEO ,Image Plan & SMO :- The No-Cost Way to help Local prospects find you fast and to increase your offline sale too. Employ online strategies including Google, local directories and social media to drive consistent leads or traffic for your business.

  • Image SEO:- One of the overlooked traffic sources is from Google image search.As a Retailer you use a lot of Product images and if you optimize them they can bring your websites a substantial amount of traffic

  • SMO:- For many businesses, social media is not about making a sale as much as it about networking with others in the industry, getting into the minds of your customers and getting fast feedback on new ideas, or simply growing your brand’s online presence to develop everyone’s favorite marketing term: “awareness.”but for small retail business it can be used for both if used wisely.

PPC Advertising
Choose a search engine marketing agency that can do PPC with a great efficiency and on ROI model as a small business you may not have a huge budget for PPC and it is not even wise too.PPC can be an important strategy to use when you are promoting a new retail web site but with a limited budget and while maintain ROI. It brings in quick targeted traffic and it tells you which keywords you need to concentrate on. If you hire a good SEO firm that gets results with PPC, it can be a continuous source of good traffic and income.

Content Writing
The agency must be good at content writing as well. This content can be used to build your brand through SMO(Social Media Marketing) and also can be used for articles, newsletters, or short pdf e-books. It is writing that visitors enjoy reading and talks to their needs or problems. It’s writing that keeps visitor staying at your website long enough to stir their interest in buying your product.

Track Conversions & Make it the key Matrix to judge the success of the campaign:-Activate conversion tracking in your PPC account and also should track it for your entire site by using Google Analytic s or any other paid / free tool. This will help you to keep a close track on your online budget and Agency’s performance too. Apart from this Analytics can also be used for tons of other things esp. like optimizing your website or to improve your site conversion rate.